Clothing Details Confirmation

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Kids Fashion Meets Music

Thank you so much for registering! If you can please send us through your child's measurements this will help us with selection. Clothing information registration form below.


Register clothing details.

How to measure clothing size in Centimetres:

Body Measuring Chart

KFMM Details

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Make sure the file name is short for example the name of the person. Also make sure the file is less than 5 megabits in size. JPeg files are preferred. For example the file name will look like this (JohnSmith.jpg)

If you have any questions about the casting please contact our
Event Producer, Dianne Regan at info@djjazzy.com.au

KFMM Producer Dianne Regan
DJ JAZZY| Management
m: 0409 567 181
e: info@djjazzy.com.au
w: www.djjazzy.com.au