DJ Jazzy Get Whacky Show

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Get Whacky Show School Holidays

DJ JAZZY is bringing her Get Whacky show coming soon 2017!

DJ JAZZY is next level when it comes to kids entertainment and is the new generation of Children's music focused on providing family entertainment. It is like a mega dance party but for kids!

Venue: TBA
Address: TBA

For more information about tickets please contact:
Ph: 0409567181
Email: info@djjazzy.com.au

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DJ JAZZY "Get Whacky Tour" 2017


Next Generation in Family Entertainment

I will be doing some more shows really soon so check out the website and also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

About my show:

The DJ Jazzy Show is a highly interactive and entertaining show. Her music delivers positive messages of creativity, being different and loving who you are, relevant to preschoolers through to early primary school aged children, whilst also enjoyed and appreciated by the whole family. DJ Jazzy uses her musical platform to teach about the important issues of life with a strong musical influence based around beats, Sampling, Beat Boxing, Lights and Visual Effects. Her love and Passion for dancing is something she incorporates in everything that she does and she teaches hip hop dance moves and the importance of keeping fit and healthy through movement. The secret formula is that she is teaching kids without them even knowing it through an engaging and interactive performance.

Play on my team! Together everyone achieves more! #DJJAZZY

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