How to become a SUCCESSFUL artist

September 13, 2020 by DJ JAZZY Media in blogChasing the DreamTutorials

Chasing The Dream

Episode 4

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How do you become a successful artist? How do you make money out doing what you love?

Invest yourself 100% into your dream:

  • Work on your craft
  • Never stop learning
  • Learn all aspects to help you achieve your goals
  • Always practice and rehearse
  • Get yourself out there and start performing
  • Look like a superstar to feel like a superstar

Don’t think because you invest yourself 100% into your dream that you only work on your dream and nothing else. Investing yourself 100% means you need to find out how you can realistically achieve your dream. If you are in school, you need to make sure you get home and do all of your homework so you can focus on your real passion. If you are old enough to have a job, get a job so that you can save money so you can buy that really cool outfit you wanted. Then buy your next recording mic or camera to be able to start creating. You need to sometimes do other things in life to achieve your goal.
The key thing is never stop dreaming, never limit yourself and constantly work on your craft and towards your goals. Set realistic goals for yourself. Promote yourself and start putting your creativity out there. We are in a world that is based around social media now and there are so many platforms for you to gain a following.

The Day Dreamers is a program I put together for young performers to get out there, start learning how to create themselves as an entertainer, and take them on my journey with me as an artist. This whole year put a pause on ‘The Day Dreamers’ and I wanted to create something for them that they can watch at home and still learn! This is my new YouTube series called Chasing The Dream. I want to be able to share all my tips, tricks, and knowledge that I gained throughout my journey that got me where I am today! If you have a child who you believe was born to be an entertainer this would be a great series for you to watch to help guide your child towards their dreams.