How to begin working on your Dreams?

Chasing The Dream

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Chasing the dream

Episode 5

How to begin working on your DREAMS
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Where to start?

You know what your passion is and you want to begin chasing the dream. But how do you start?

First things first are you need to continue working on your craft. Develop your talent. Never stop learning. But you now are ready to start putting your work out there. You want to get noticed and want to start building a following.

The best way to do this is to use social media. Now, if you are too young for social media an option is to have an account managed by an adult. Social media is a dangerous would and you need to have someone older to help you with this. It is also a place where it’s not completely positive, so you do need to be ready for people to say mean things.

This is where you need to ask yourself, are you ready for a career like this? Can you handle the fact that not everyone will like you? If you can’t, you might need to re-think this industry as a job for you.

What name will people know you by? It could be as simple as your actual name or you might want something a bit different, something edgy that people can remember. For example, my name is Jasmine but growing up I was always called Jazz or Jazzy and my dad was the one who came up with the idea of being called DJ Jazzy.

You have to think about your social media name. It needs to be the same across all platforms otherwise it is too hard for people to find you. I am @djjazzy33 on everything. This way when I do a show I can promote with just one simple handle and say “Find me on Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and so on”


Create a logo for yourself. It needs to be simple and easy to read and it needs to be the same on everything.

Branding is very important and is something you need to be very careful with when first starting out. If you’re constantly changing your logo and name, it will be very hard for someone to become familiar with you. Now it doesn’t mean that you stick with the same logo forever but really make sure you try lots of ideas first before impulsively picking your first one.

I started out with my logo with stars around it and as time went on and I began to grow as an artist, I just didn’t like the stars. It was an easy part of my logo to remove and it didn’t change it too much.

DJ Jazzy Logos


You need to have professional photos of yourself. If you can’t afford professional photos, you are lucky because the phones these days take great photos!

DJ Jazzy love heart glasses

So get a friend and do a mini photoshoot. Look up poses, put together some amazing outfits, and just have good photos of yourself that represent you as an artist.

DJ Jazzy Coloured Shoes
Promotional Photos

Start Creating

Start creating music or even start uploading covers. There are plenty of artists that have become famous on social media through covers, so it is possible to gain a following by putting up your own version of popular songs. But make sure that you are putting effort into your filming. Do not upload a video of you singing with mistakes! Don’t be lazy with your takes! Just re-sing it again, that’s why filming is so great because you do not have to be perfect every time. Take your time with it and try your best!

Heaven (Candlelight Mix) cover song DJ JAZZY

High-quality content is so important if you want people to think you are professional. Take pride in your presentation. That includes how you look and how your background looks. Shower and make sure you clean, put on your favorite outfit, and perform to the camera. Put effort into the whole video.

Be Social and create a Community with your fans

Interact with others on social media. Like people’s photos and videos, follow people back. The whole stigma around having more followers than who you follow shouldn’t be a thing. The whole point about social media is to be social. If you want people to see your photos and videos, you need a hashtag, you need to be active and constantly searching for similar people like you and showing them your interest so you can gain interest back. If you are just starting out, this is probably the most important part.

Promote Yourself

You need to put yourself out there and promote yourself. No one will find you if you aren’t putting yourself in front of them. There is a fine line between pushing yourself onto someone and putting yourself in front of someone.

Practice performing in front of a audience

Social media isn’t the only thing you need to start, you need to start performing in front of people to gain experience. There is no point in being able to perform in front of a camera and then when your fans come to see you in real life you can’t perform in front of them. Start busking, start entering competitions, find ways to get yourself physically out there.
Comment down below if you have ever performed live before!

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