What does it mean to be FAMOUS?

September 9, 2020 by DJ JAZZY Media in blogChasing the DreamTutorials

Chasing The Dream

Episode 2

What is Fame?
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Becoming famous is a dream nearly everyone has! But what even is fame? How do you become a superstar? The music industry is hard and if you are a singer, creator, or dancer wanting to make it in the industry this will be a great series for you to watch!

How can you do the thing you love as a job! You should be wanting to be performing and singing because you love doing it… fame isn’t the part that you should love and want the most. Being famous can be a part of your destination, but the journey is the most important.

If fame is the only reason you want to become a singer or dancer then you might need to re-think your dream to be an artist. Sometimes unfortunately the enjoyment of fame might not last as long as you would like. You are always in the spotlight, you always have people talking about you, making up stories, and a lot of the time it can be bad. You never can really enjoy your own space because the world wants to know everything you are doing at all times.

The plus side is you can actually be quite a successful performer without being as famous as Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande. There are plenty of performers that do shows and sell their music to lots of people on a smaller scale.

The Day Dreamers is a program I put together for young performers to get out there, start learning how to create themselves as an entertainer, and take them on my journey with me as an artist. This whole year put a pause on ‘The Day Dreamers’ and I wanted to create something for them that they can watch at home and still learn! This is my new YouTube series called Chasing The Dream. I want to be able to share all my tips, tricks, and knowledge that I gained throughout my journey that got me where I am today! If you have a child who you believe was born to be an entertainer this would be a great series for you to watch to help guide your child towards their dreams.

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