What is your PASSION? Tips on how to find your passion

September 10, 2020 by DJ JAZZY Media in blogChasing the DreamTutorials

Chasing the Dream

Episode 3

Becoming famous is a dream nearly everyone has! But what even is fame? How do you become a superstar? The music industry is hard and if you are a singer, creator, or dancer wanting to make it in the industry this will be a great series for you to watch!

What is your passion? Is it singing, dancing, acting, modeling, or even creating?

There are two things you need to take away from this video

  • If something interests you slightly… invest yourself in your interest. You might find a whole new passion for dancing or acting or jobs behind the scenes. Never limit yourself to one thing.
  • Understand that sometimes you don’t love every part of something. Know what your passion is. Put the effort in the areas that you don’t love so much so you can do the parts that you love! There is no easy way, if there was an easy way everyone would be doing it. That’s why there is only a few that make it to the top and you are going to be one of them if you invest yourself 100%

The Day Dreamers is a program I put together for young performers to get out there, start learning how to create themselves as an entertainer, and take them on my journey with me as an artist. This whole year put a pause on ‘The Day Dreamers’ and I wanted to create something for them that they can watch at home and still learn! This is my new YouTube series called Chasing The Dream. I want to be able to share all my tips, tricks, and knowledge that I gained throughout my journey that got me where I am today! If you have a child who you believe was born to be an entertainer this would be a great series for you to watch to help guide your child towards their dreams. #chasingthedream #nevergiveup #thedaydreamers #djjazzy