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Kids Helpline

DANCERS! HERE’S YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE On Friday 20th Sept, DJ Jazzy, in support of Kids Helpline, will be attempting to break the Guinness World Records for the “Most Backing Dancers Behind a Singer” at the Australian Dance Festival (this currently stands at 837 dancers)! DJ Jazzy will be performing her new smash hit “Feeling Like This” The…
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Hang out with DJ JAZZY's sister Shakira who is only 10 years old! Learn about Shakira's pet rabbit, Cup Cake and how to take care of a pet rabbit.

DJ JAZZY appearing on Toasted TV

DJ JAZZY is the new face and sound of kids music. She is a pioneer, a new breed of children entertainment. Check out DJ JAZZY's appearance on Toasted TV located up in sunny Queensland. Ollie McCormack and Jono Symons and that whacky Jazzy Head game was so much fun. If you missed DJ JAZZY's appearance on Channel…
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