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Chase the dream

DJ JAZZY loves to dream

DJ JAZZY loves to dream

DJ Jazzy’s Chase the Dream

Is the Ultimate Talent Showcase at The River Music Festival Rockhampton

Dates: July 12th & 13th

This amazing live talent search will be presented in an exciting “SHOWCASE” type atmosphere and is open to children, teens and young adult performers 21 years & under, offering an opportunity for your young performer’s to show off their artistic skills and talents at a major supportive event. Rockhampton’s Music Festival is offering Artists a platform to perform and gain valuable live stage experience in a positive nurturing environment. This exciting Talent Showcase competition is designed for singers who are looking for exposure, recognition, networking, and a chance to be noticed by industry professionals.

The competition will be judged by a panel of Judges/Mentors DJ Jazzy and her manager Dianne Regan both from Channel Seven’s All Together Now’s hit singing reality television show on the abilities of each contestant according to their stage presence & professionalism, technical ability, appearance, overall performance, creativity and appropriateness for audience.

This will be an incredible launching pad for up & coming talent. It is where you can be seen by music industry experts and possibly be where you will get your very first big break!
Once you have registered we will announce the selected performer’s on DJ Jazzys Instagram @djjazzy33 on Monday, July 8th

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