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Sydney Fringe Festival

September 21, 2019

10:30 am


Fringe Kids Party

“With events spread out across our sprawling city, the festival celebrates, and highlights the amazing work of our local independent artists, art makers and performers. Inviting our audiences to visit undiscovered parts of the city, a new venue or a secret bar, and discover the fantastic creative offerings our artists prepare year-round.”

“Being an independent artist is so powerful! I am not bossy I am the Boss #BossGirl…I have complete creative control over my craft, and I can release my work whenever I feel is best. It’s also about reflecting on why I love making music my way. It also gives me the freedom to choose where my music is heard and how I spread my message “I love being an independent artist, as it means I’m able to stay true to myself at all times, expressing whatever musical form I am passionate about. I love the freedom to be able to experiment and develop my craft without any limits and with full creative control.”

To celebrate our Fringe Kids launch our youth ambassador DJ Jazzy and her Daydreamers will be putting on a free outdoor concert in the ACA Forum in Leichhardt. With special guest performances by local dance schools and some surprises in store, this is a date for the diary and your dancing shoes. Gather the kids and the young at heart, have a boogie and then stay for a Fringe Kids theatre show. A whole day of Fringe Fun in the Forum.