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Press Release: DJ Jazzy Get Whacky

DJ Jazzy is a very unique artist sitting in a very special spot in the market. She is a DJ, Producer, Singer/Dancer, Photographer, Film Maker, technology Wiz Kid with a passion for Young People. Her “WHY” factor is such an important reason why she is so passionate about getting her message out, which is about dealing with feelings, staying positive, taking care of yourself mentally and physically. This is exactly the kind of music our kids need to combat all of the negativity around them and let’s face it kids have a lot of issues they have to deal with.

DJ Jazzy writes and Produces all of her music and is motivated by inspiration. She has a very strong focus, she knows what she wants and she strongly believes that unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. She has a passion to collaborate and innovate and since a very young age has been mentored by Amazing music industry producers/songwriters and choreographers which have helped her create who she is today and also put her at a very extraordinary level for someone of her age.

By surrounding herself with an amazing team she is ready to move mountains and make waves never seen before in the Children’s market and is pioneering and making a new path of Family Entertainment. Music that the whole family can enjoy.
DJ Jazzy says ” I don’t want Parents to put my music or my videos on and leave the kids…I want them to put it on and share the experience with each other, dance together, put it on in the car and sing together, I want my music to inspire them to get outside to use their imagination, enjoy life, enjoy music. I also want to have an impact on the parents as well and I believe I will do this” as the songs are uplifting and catchy and make you want to sing and dance, most importantly they make you feel good, finally something to empower young minds! Music to inspire, with positive & self-empowering messages which are helping to shape their self-image while teaching young people skills of thinking positive, and finding one’s own inspiration.

So many kids are fraught with low self-esteem and low self-confidence – especially those with common challenges such as depression, abuse, anxiety and bullying. These children in particular need to be reminded of their unique skills, talents, and strengths, and to focus on all the positive and wonderful qualities they possess. DJ Jazzy will be running really amazing feel good competitions throughout the year to showcase children on a few different platforms to bring out creativity and also talents.

DJ Jazzy is like a Havana Brown/David Guetta/LMFAO/ Will I am , but for kids!!! She grew up listening to all of these artists and whilst loving their music felt a strong desire to create music that is more appropriate for younger minds. DJ Jazzy comes highly recommended to anyone who wants their child to have a balanced and positive outlook on themselves and their future. Yes, her market is kid’s but also Mum’s and Dad’s and grandparents. Finally, something the whole family can enjoy as she is very cutting edge and extremely cool and there is nothing like her anywhere else in the world. She creates commercial Pop Music that you will want to listen to because of the message and how the songs make you feel. DJ Jazzy’s sound is a sweet mix of commercial radio Dance/Pop/Dub and Hip Hop.

DJ Jazzy is touring the April School Holidays and will be will taking her live show on the road and is very excited to be launching her Debut Album in April 2016, commencing with an NSW Regional tour in Clubs everywhere!!! Stay tuned for dates!

The DJ Jazzy Show is a highly interactive and entertaining show. Her music delivers positive messages of creativity, being different and loving who you are, relevant to preschoolers through to early primary school-aged children, whilst also enjoyed and appreciated by the whole family. DJ Jazzy uses her musical platform to teach about the important issues of life with a strong musical influence based around beats, Sampling, Beat Boxing, Lights and Visual Effects. Her love and Passion for dancing is something she incorporates in everything that she does and she teaches hip hop dance moves and the importance of keeping fit and healthy through movement. The secret formula is that she is teaching kids without them even knowing it through an engaging and interactive performance.

DJ Jazzy Get Whacky

DJ Jazzy Get Whacky – Live Show



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DJ JAZZY Facebook Timeline

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DJ Jazzy Poster


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