The Day Dreamers

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The Day Dreamers

DJ Jazzy is very passionate about sharing her journey with young performers and has created an amazing dance crew called THE DAYDREAMERS. The Day Dreamers perform alongside her at live shows, in music videos, and they also love being a part of creating motivational content to inspire young people who do want to live a creative, active, healthy life. She is always looking for performance opportunities to spread her messages and is all about families and communities. The Daydreamers share DJ Jazzy's vision of dealing with social and emotional issues positively and will be ambassadors for getting her messages out to kids and teens through Music and Dance. Most of The Day Dreamers attend public schools throughout Sydney.

She is a young entrepreneur, a visionary who uses her platform to share her journey with other young performers and gives them opportunities most other children would never have.

The Day Dreamers are a not for profit mentoring program for dancers which she runs out of Miranda Youth Centre for 5 hrs every Sunday in the school terms. This program is aimed at giving kids from all different walks of life the opportunity to follow their dreams and to be mentored by industry professionals in a safe and positive environment. This is not just your ordinary dance class. This is a program she has created to train young performers and their parents in all areas of the industry. She runs weekly workshops for these young dancers where they get training and support in a non-competitive environment. DJ Jazzy has created an incredible space for these young performers and the response from both the children and parents has been overwhelming. All fees collected go back into the program to cover the costs of venue hire, instructors, costumes, etc. The program is run by a team of volunteers DJ Jazzy herself included. The Day Dreamers are then given the opportunity to perform and support DJ Jazzy at live performances to help build confidence and gain live experience that most young performers would not have access to at such a high professional level.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.



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