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Music Video: Dancing In The Summertime

Check out my brand new music video Dancing in the Summertime... like share and tag if you love summer 😍

Music Video: Replay

Check out my brand new Music Video "Replay" starring my amazing dancers Amin, my sister Shakira, Pedro, Charlotte, Kaitlin, Destiny, Tully, Erica, Chloe, and Emma. Filmed and Produced by my amazing dad Sean Regan please show the love and LIKE SHARE & TAG

Music Video: Get Whacky

Check out my brand new Music Video "Get Whacky" starring my amazing dancers Amin, Pedro, Charlotte, Tully, Erica, Chloe, Emma, and all my extended dance crew, featuring my brother Jacob rapping.

Special thanks to Dance@Nikki Webster, Skyzone, Mad Mia, Fair Beauty at Miranda, F45 Training Sans Souci, Pavement Brands

Music Video: Born To Be Free

We were all Born To Be Free, to be amazing and to chase our Dreams! This is a music video the whole family will love. It's a celebration of Life, it's about getting out and having fun! DJ Jazzy loves technology but she also wants to inspire young people to use their imagination, to go on adventures, To embrace the outdoors, she wants to get kids up and out having fun!

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