Do You Want To Be Famous?

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Chasing The Dream

Episode 1

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Becoming famous is a dream nearly everyone has! But what even is fame? How do you become a superstar? The music industry is hard and if you are a singer, creator, or dancer wanting to make it in the industry this will be a great series for you to watch!

What is Fame?

But what even is fame? How do you become a superstar?

I’m DJ Jazzy and this is my YouTube Series: Chasing The Dream! If you are someone like me who loves singing, dancing and acting, and you want to learn how to turn your dreams into a reality; click that subscribe button and turn post notifications on because each week I will be uploading a video sharing my knowledge that I have learnt on my journey so far and help you get started on chasing your dream. So let’s do this, and start chasing our dreams together.

About Me

My name is Jazzy and some of you may know me as DJ Jazzy! I have been performing live professionally ever since I was 4 years old. I write and produce all my own music. I edited and designed all my own photos and artwork and I would consider myself someone who has a passion for creating and inspiring others.

I have been dancing and singing even before I could walk and talk and I was lucky enough to be born into the world with a mom and dad who both love music and performing just as much as I do. My mom and dad were both successful in Australia performing live every week and just doing what most musicians would dream of! Now not many children grow up with two parents gigging all the time… and for me, I would say I was very lucky because I loved it!

When I turned 2 years old they created an all-girl pop group called The Star Girls which was for kids and I was a part of this; I was called Twinkle Star! I began recording albums, helping with songwriting, performing live and touring all around Australia and the United States. From a young age, I accomplished quite a lot of things that every little performer would dream of.

The Star Girls from Planet Groove

I must admit my life growing up was very unusual and I am so grateful for it. I was surrounded by creative people which inspired me to create myself! My own music, songs, logos, dances and I loved putting on my own little shows at home. Now you might not be someone who was brought up in a creative musical family but If you are someone like me who is doing all of these things from an early age… you can clearly see that it is a passion and something that you purely do because you love it.


Passion is key. Doing something because you love it is the key to success within this industry. Unfortunately, if you are someone who wants to become a famous singer or performer you need to understand that the entertainment industry is HARD and it doesn’t come easy to anyone.
You can have all the talent in the world but if you don’t have the drive and put in the work. You won’t make it. But if you are watching this, you obviously have an interest, you are someone who loves singing or dancing. You are someone who is searching for the answers to how do I start performing at shows, how do I start making my own music?

Comment down below what you love the most! Is it singing, dancing, acting, or modeling?

If you are passionate about learning how to start chasing your dreams and turning them into a reality, click that subscribe button and turn post notifications on so you can learn all my tips and tricks! I want you to be a part of this journey with me because there is so much room at the top! Cya in my next video as I will be talking about What it means to be famous!