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Dancers! Here’s Your Chance To Make A Difference

On Friday 20th Sept, DJ Jazzy, in support of Kids Helpline, will be attempting to break the Guinness World Records for the “Most Backing Dancers Behind a Singer” at the Australian Dance Festival (this currently stands at 837 dancers)! DJ Jazzy will be performing her new smash hit “Feeling Like This”

The attempt will be covered by Channel 7’s Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac from 6 am and give exposure on National TV to the important work that Kids Helpline does for all children and young people in Australia.

This is our industry's chance to show that dancers back great charities and young people support each other.

It only takes $3 to Make a difference

To support Kids Helpline:

  • Pre-purchase the “Feeling like This" single [iTunes Click Here] or  [Google Play Click Here] please bring receipt on your phone as proof of purchase on the day
  • Give a $3 donation on the day to purchase a copy of the “Feeling like This" Memorabilia CD
  • give $5 donation on the day to purchase a copy of the “Feeling like This” Memorabilia CD and a “Feeling Like This” Memorabilia Poster

All proceeds received from CD sales will be donated to Kids Helpline

On the day you will receive

  • Feeling Like This memorabilia CD
  • Kids Helpline Wrist Band

If you would like to become an Ambassador or Volunteer parent/staff helper for this amazing world record attempt, please select one of the options on the top of the registration form.


If you or any of the people undertaking the Record Attempt are under 18 years of age or considered a minor in the jurisdiction of the Record Attempt, you must have your parent or guardian read these Terms and agree on your behalf that your Record Attempt is subject to these Terms. [Click Here]

If you are considered a minor in your jurisdiction at the time you read and accept this document and your parent or legal guardian has not read and accepted this document, or the relevant jurisdiction does not recognise the validity of documents signed by parents or legal guardians on behalf of minors, your Record Attempt will not be recognised by GWR.

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